Mopeds And Scooters

The last time you went to a popular football match or ball game in your car did you have to sit in a traffic jam? Did the walk from the car to your seat take forever? Were you stuck in really bad traffic on the way home? What was your travel time compared with the time spent at the stadium? Did you notice people whizzing past your almost stationary car on mopeds and scooters? Did you notice these same machines parked up just next to the entrances to the stadium itself?

Mopeds and Scooters are becoming more and more popular in the USA as their availability is now countrywide. The original mopeds and scooters of Europe and indeed the rest of the world are at last available in quantity with quality in the US and many people are taking advantage of this cheap and stylish option not only to get to work and back but for fun as well.

Gone are the days of kick-starting your bike and it starts on the 24th attempt. Modern technology combined with stylish lines and ‘all the extras’ have brought the modern mopeds and scooters we see today into the new millennium with a bang. They are more popular than ever in a society that has suddenly realized that gas is becoming pretty expensive, particularly for larger cars.

Many people are beginning to realize that they don’t need their 6-liter car to take them 3 miles to work in busy traffic jams, where a moped or scooter could get them there in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. They are also, many people are finding out, very good fun.

The increasing use of mopeds and scooters for leisure activities is a product not only of the fact that they are now much more freely available in the USA than they were, but that more and more people, enjoying the experience of going to work on them, want to use them in the evenings and at weekends too.

The example of the football/baseball/basketball/ice-hockey matches is only one of a cornucopia of uses that the modern rider puts their machine to. A day out of town with the freedom of the open roads; a trip to the beach or your local beauty spot, with or without a friend; a trip to the city if you live out of town, without parking hassles; even just popping round to see friends the other side of town.

All these, and of course more, is easy if you have your form of transport. Often at 60 or more miles to the gallon (some even do 100 mpg), you can travel where you want at a fraction of the cost of ‘motoring’ without the aggravation or expense.

Mopeds and scooters are more and more features in people’s leisure time because they are good fun. Why be bottled up in a car in a traffic snarl when you could be on the open road? You will see more of them in the future so why not try one sooner rather than later? You won’t be disappointed.