Why Motorcycle Gear Is For Both Comfort And Safety

Riding a motorcycle is a fun, exhilarating experience for sure. But motorcycle riders don’t have a lot of protection that surrounds them when riding, and if something goes wrong and the bike goes down or it is involved in an accident, there is no outer shell to protect a rider like there is in a car. So what will afford the best safety for motorcycle riders to help in such situations? It’s the gear or apparel that they wear that can be their best protection.

Of course, motorcycle gear like helmets, leather jackets and pants, and gloves also contribute immensely to riding comfort as they provide insulation against the wind and road debris that may be encountered on the ride. But they do so much more.

Take helmets for example. Motorcycle helmets come in several styles and paint schemes, but they all are designed for the same purpose, to keep you safe. Whether you choose a full-face helmet, half-face helmet, shorty helmet, or other types of a motorcycle helmet is a matter of personal choice and how much protection you are comfortable with.

A full-face motorcycle helmet affords the most complete protection, but make sure that you try one on first to make sure that you are comfortable with that kind of design first.

A shorty helmet is the least restrictive of all and gives more of the feeling of the open road as you can feel the wind in your face. But keep in mind that there is significantly less protection involved too.

Motorcycle leather is a biker’s best friend. Motorcycle leather can make the difference between an enjoyable ride and one that isn’t.

Also, if your bike goes down for any reason, there is nothing like a good “hide” to save your hide. Motorcycle leather can be the only thing between you and the road at that point, and you will be glad that you are wearing it. Just ask any biker who has experienced “road rash” when their bike went down and you can quickly understand how valuable good quality leather apparel can be in such circumstances.

And one of the most sensitive areas on the body is the hands. They are also usually the first thing that a biker puts out in an attempt to cushion their fall in an accident. That’s when you would be glad that you were wearing a good set of motorcycle gloves to help keep your hands safe from abrasion.

So if you ride motorcycles, be sure to stay comfortable and safe with good, high-quality motorcycle gear and apparel.